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Sash Windows North East

Sash Windows North East

Double Glazing, Draft Proofing and Repairing North East Sash Windows

We focus on repairing and improving your existing windows rather than up-selling replacement windows.

We do undertake some larger window renovation projects in North East England but we can not service minor repair works.  Overnight stays are generally required.

Limited coverage in the North East is currently by Irvine at the Yorkshire branch


There is an opportunity for a self-employed tradesperson, with suitable skills, to operate in this area.  Interested?

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With so many years experience restoring sash windows & doors we can usually provide an accurate estimate from photos alone.  Attach your pictures in an e-mail us including close-up shots of any obvious problem areas.  In your message provide as much information as possible, including an approximate size of the window height & width. We will send you an estimate by email before arranging a meeting to confirm your specific requirements.

North East Sash Window Specialist

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