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Repairing Heritage Windows & Doors

Repair Traditional Doors & Timber Sash Windows

Can wooden sash windows be repaired?

Yes, traditional timber windows and doors can almost always be repaired and restored. 

To repair a sash window is usually far less expensive than to replace a window.  Repairing a rotten window is also the best way to preserve the character and architectural significance of a period home.

Repairing a Gothic Window - Heritage Window - Manchester Sash Window Specialist

Sash Window Specialist provide a comprehensive sash window repair service. Unlike with aluminium or uPVC windows a wide range of repairs are possible with traditional wooden windows. Indeed many that might initially appear to be beyond repair can be restored to good working order. We are experts at rebuilding rotten bay windows, repairing rot, replacing snapped sash cords as well as replacing and upgrading the glass.

Wood rot is the most common problem associated with neglected period windows and doors.  Failure of the paintwork or putty allows water to penetrate, creating ideal conditions for wet rot or insect attack.

We utilise a range of products during our window repair and restore projects.  Combining time proven traditional methods of cutting out rotten wood and splicing in new timber sections with modern advances, such as epoxy resin, to ensure a permanent, long lasting repair.

The timber used in the past was slow growth, high quality and very durable wood that should be preserved whenever possible. Many heritage windows and doors are still in use today whereas more modern replacement timber windows may need replacement after only twenty years.


Rotten Window Sills & Frames

Repairing Rotten Window Sill | Sash Window Specialist.Sydney NSW

Repair A Rotten Window Sill

The most common area of rot development is the window sill, fortunately we are expert at replacing rotten sills. We utilise a range of products during our sill repair projects, from the traditional methods of splicing in new hardwood timber sill sections to the modern advanced solutions that epoxy resins & glues provide.  All of our materials are selected to ensure a durable, permanent repair for many years to come.

Repair Rotten Bay Window Frame

Rotten Victorian Bay Window in Oxfordshire- Sash Window Specialist London & BerkshireVictorian Bay Window in Oxfordshire- replace rotten window sill
Repair Bay Window.Victorian Bay Window in Oxfordshire- replace rotten window sill
Double Glazed Timber Sash Window.Double Glazed Sash Window.

Repairing Window Sash

Epoxy Resin repair to window sash. | sash window specialist Melbourne

Epoxy resins provide an advanced solution to rectify defects and repair rotten windows or doors.

Timber Window Repair & Upgrade | Sydney Sash Window Specialist NSW

Epoxy Resin Repairs

Using epoxy resin to repair rotten timber has a proven track record from the shipwrights who use it to repair wooden boats.   We use the same marine grade epoxy resins to repair rotten windows & doors.  Epoxy can be cut and shaped to match damaged mouldings or used to bond open sash joints.  A far superior professional repair when compared to polyester based 2 part fillers or ‘builders bog’. 

Used alone or combined with a timber splice (dutchman) epoxy bonds extremely well to the original wood ensuring a long lasting permanent fix.

Epoxy Resin Repair to heritage fretwork


Glazing Repairs

Traditional Glazing Timber Sashes | Sash Windows. Perth WA.

We undertake glass repair and glazing upgrade work as part of our renovation services.  From simple squares to curved glazing we can replace broken glass in period homes.  We can reglaze all glass types including coloured, etched and patterned.

Putty Pointing 

Traditional linseed oil putty can dry out and crack over time.  This can be removed and fresh putties applied.

Is it ‘window cill’ or ‘window sill’?

Whilst both spellings are correct “window sill” is now the most commonly used form.  Architects and tradesmen still frequently use “window cill” as that spelling was commonly taught at technical colleges.  Our website originally used ‘cill’ but all references have since been changed to ‘sill’ to reflect the most common form, however some of our branches may still reference ‘cill’ in their quotes and invoices.

What is the difference between a scarf joint and a splice joint?

Both splice joints and scarf joints are traditional methods used to join timber members end to end in woodworking.  We use marine grade epoxy resins to glue and bond the joints, ensuring a long lasting repair.

If your windows have rotten beyond sensible economic repair then we can copy the originals and manufacture our ‘Authentic Replica’ bespoke timber sash windows & doors.  Our replica replacement windows are crafted from premium timbers and constructed using traditional joinery construction methods.