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Reinstate & Reactivate Sash Windows

Reinstate double hung timber sash windows | sash Window Specialist | UK & AU

Our Reinstate Sash service restores the original character to your home. Replacing ugly box sash window conversions with stylish wooden double hung replica sashes. 


Converted Sash Windows


ReinstatedDouble Hung Sash Windows

Original features such as period windows and doors add financial value to homes and help houses sell more quickly.

Over the years many heritage sash windows have undergone various conversions such as fitting uPVC, aluminium, louver, pivot or casement window sub-frames.  Fortunately the original box frame is often left intact and we can undo the conversion and reinstate them into a fully functioning, single or double glazed, sliding sash window.

After removing the existing window conversion we fit a replacement balance system including new pulleys, cords & weights. We undertake repairs and install our authentic replica wooden sashes into your existing timber frames, paint finished with either single glazing or double glazed with energy efficient (low E) glass.

All of our draught seals are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, being machined into the timber components to become an “invisible” part of the window.  The original heritage appearance of the property is restored with all the benefits of modern windows

Sash Weather & Draft Seals.

Historic windows and doors make a major contribution to the significance and character of historic buildings and so every effort should be made to reinstate them rather them.

If the original box frame was removed then a complete window replacement is required. 

Reinstated timber sash windows with bespoke timber sashes, authentically copied to match the originals.

Our Reinstate Sash Service includes:

  • Survey of the existing frames.
  • Removal of the unwanted conversion.
  • New Weight System installed.
  • Our standard Restoration & Draught Seal service.
  • Bespoke replica timber sashes.
  • Large selection of single & double glazing.
  • A choice of paint finishes.
  • A wide range of ironmongery in a choice of finishes.

At Sash Window Specialist we understand the charm of traditional wooden windows which is why all of our work is designed to be as original as possible.

Reinstate Timber Sash Window | Castellated Pattern | Shepards Bush London

Bespoke Wooden Replicas

We carefully reproduce a copy of the original sashes using any photos you might have or referencing a neighbouring property. By increasing the rebate depth we accommodate a sealed double glazed unit.

  • Glazing bars can be either bonded with duplex bars or individual Slimlite sealed units.
  • Offered in a wide range of timbers inc. Meranti, Oak, Sapele, Douglas Fir, Accoya™.
  • Our draught seals are machined into the timber components to become an integral, practically invisible part of the window. 

Heritage aproved draught seals

We have been using the same top quality British made draught seals for over 20 years.  Brush draught seals are the best option for long life in a sliding sash window.

Sealing draughts in your home will return significant savings in heating and cooling costs, as up to 25% of heat is lost via air leakage in a typical home.

Traditional double-hung sash windows are not regarded as being very energy efficient.  The sliding sash window frames have inherent gaps that allow the sashes to slide and the timber frames can also warp over time, creating larger gaps where air leakage and air infiltration originate.  

Draught-stripping your existing period sash windows can reduce the draughts from them by almost 90%, therefore significantly reducing the air cooling or heating requirement needed for the room.  Warm or cold draughts make air cooling and heating systems work harder and make occupants feel uncomfortable, often adjusting room thermostats to compensate.  

Heat also passes through the glass itself but less than a quarter of the heat transfer through a typical sash window is by conduction, the rest is by air infiltration - draughts.   Heavy curtains or close-fitting roller blinds can help cut the amount of heat transfer through glass by more than 30%. 

"Draught-proofing is one of the most cost effective and least intrusive ways of improving the comfort of occupants and reducing energy used for heating with little or no change to a building’s appearance." Historic England


Windows are a favourite entry point for burglars

Various catches effectively bring the sashes into a locked position, however the screws holding these in place are small and these catches should not be considered an effective security measure. We have a range of sash window security options available.  We also supply a wide range of sash window furniture, available in variety of finishes.

Security Stops For Timber Sash Windows. Double Hung.

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