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For Over 20 Years We Have Been Refurbishing Sash Windows, Casement Windows and Period Doors.

commercial window & door restoration | parliament house perth wa

Commercial window & door contractors

for builders & architects.  Public, private, government & commercial period buildings.  Hotels, pubs, churches & schools.

Commercial window restoration projects present different challenges to our residential work.

  • Typically heritage windows found in public buildings are much larger than residential frames. 
  • Thicker sashes with heavy glass often makes restoring these windows into a 2 man job.
  • Access is generally more difficult.

Our price guides are applicable for residential work only.  Commercial restoration works are priced on a case by case basis.

Sealing draughts in public and commercial heritage buildings will return significant savings in heating and cooling costs, as up to 25% of energy is lost via air leakage.


Comfort Hush modern glass in a replica timber sash frame.Weather seals in a timber sash window stop rattles, noise and cold.

How to improve energy efficiency & reduce noise from heritage windows.

Our draught sealing service is the best and least intrusive way of achieving improved performance from old windows. The seals are machined into the timber components to become an integral, practically invisible part of the window. 

Traditional double-hung sash windows are not regarded as being very energy efficient or quiet.  The sliding sash window frames have inherent gaps that allow the sashes to slide and the timber frames can also warp over time, creating larger gaps where air leakage and air infiltration originate. 

Draught-stripping existing period sash windows can reduce the draughts from them by almost 90%, therefore significantly reducing the air-conditioning or heating requirement needed for the room.  Warm or cold draughts make air cooling and heating systems work harder and make occupants feel uncomfortable, often adjusting room thermostats to compensate.  

Sash Window Repair & Draft Seal at Katanning Mill Restoration WA

Glazing upgrades with modern high performance glass can insulate us from the heat and cold, keep our offices quieter and protect us from intruders.  Specialist window films such as anti-graffiti or explosion protection are also avaliable.

Heat also passes through the glass itself but less than a quarter of the heat transfer through a typical sash window is by conduction, the rest is by air infiltration – draughts.   Heavy curtains or close-fitting roller blinds can help cut the amount of heat transfer through glass by more than 30%. 

“Draught-proofing is one of the most cost effective and least intrusive ways of improving the comfort of occupants and reducing energy used for heating with little or no change to a building’s appearance.” Historic England


Extensive repair service for heritage timber windows

Repairing rotten windows on government building. Perth WA.

Heritage Window Contractors 2

Our commercial heritage window repair service ensures that as much of the remaining heritage frame is retained as is practical. Rotten timber is cut away and repaired with a timber splice and or marine grade epoxy resins.

Glazing & putty services

Replace glass to arched window. Fremantle WA.

Replacement glass with traditional linseed putty in a timber sash.

Replacement glazing and traditional linseed putty pointing.

Safe stripping of lead based paints.

lead based paint removal from old windows.

paint stripping timber sash windows.

Stripping of old paint coverings in a compliant manner

Routine & scheduled maintenance.

replace snapped cords in a timber sash.

replace broken glass in timber sash window.

As well as larger scheduled projects we also attend to those smaller reactive jobs such as broken cords or smashed glass.