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Draught sealing and repairing rotten bow sash windows in Manchester England.

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North West Architecture

The impact of the industrial revolution still dominates the architecture of Manchester and the north-west of England.  But once outside of the Victorian cities many heritage properties remain to reflect all aspects of English architectural styles.

The Industrial Revolution began in the latter half of the 18th century causing agricultural people to become more urban.   The rise of large factories turned smaller towns into major cities over the span of only a few decades.  Industrialisation and the textile industry brought great wealth to the north-west allowing the construction of impressive public buildings, rivalling the best in London. Many fine examples of ornate period sash windows and doors still dominate the city and town centres across the North West of England.

The invention of portland cement enabled large scale brick construction of cotton mills, warehouses and factories.  The solution to housing the required manual workers was to build rows and rows of ‘2 up 2 down’ terraced brick houses. Whilst many of the old mills have gone much of the Victorian housing stock remains. 

Cheap homes had no front garden and so the vertical opening sash window was ideal as it would not obstruct the footpath.  The sash window was soon mass-produced by the joinery workshops across the region.  Unfortunately, budget windows were constructed using 32mm thick softwood that has generally not lasted.  Sash Window Specialist can install energy-efficient replacement 32mm sashes into these existing window frames; using Accoya Wood with its 50 year no rot guarantee

Larger semi-detached homes for the managerial staff as well as a large detached mansion for the mill owner were built surrounding the rows of terraced homes.  The overall quality of these homes was far superior and so the windows and doors have withstood the tests of time far better.  The mid-range and high-end joinery used better quality grades of timber, 40+mm thick.

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