About Us

About Us

Established 1996, in the Thames Valley UK, Sash Window Specialist continues to earn a reputation for quality workmanship at a sensible price. 


Our ongoing commitment to be the best value timber window restoration company ensures that our operations have continued to expand and we are proud to now offer our sash window restoration services from locations across the UK & Australia. 

We exist as a co-operative of individually run family businesses,  pooling our resources, knowledge base and buying power which helps us to offer prices below the ‘market leaders’.  Every member of Sash Window Specialist has been selected to meet the high standards of heritage conservation workmanship that we demand and that’s why every member is also a fully qualified tradesman, ensuring that your work is done right, first time. 

Sash Window Specialist have no sales teams with high commission structures and targets.  The representative that you meet at the survey will also be undertaking the renovation work, so no false promises just an honest estimation. 

Replacement joinery is either hand made at our own sash window workshop in Berkshire or by carefully selected local joinery companies.

The disadvantage of operating as several small companies is that we have no administration staff.  We are not only working on site restoring your sash windows but also running sales, admin., accounts and tea making!  As there is a high demand for our services we are usually very busy and so apologize if you don’t receive an immediate reply to your enquiry.  If we don’t answer our mobile phones, please remember that it’s not that we don’t want your call but it’s not always safe for us to answer whilst working.  Please leave a message and we will call you back later. 

If you would like any more information then please contact us.


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Our Website

A look at how our website has evolved since its launch in 1994. 
Our friendly, honest approach remains unchanged and our site is still produced ‘in-house’ by Simon, featuring photos taken by our own craftsmen.
 1994 – Windows 3.1 – Hosted by Compuserve.com

Our ‘D.I.Y. Guide to Replacing Sash Cords’ shortly followed by ‘History of the Box Sash Window’is how Sash Window Specialist started. 

At this time the internet was text only; displaying images was not possible as modem speeds were slower than a fax machine!  Google wouldn’t exist for another 4 years.

1996 – Windows 95. Hosted by Virgin.net

Simon, the founder of Sash Window Specialist, started offering restoration services as well as informative content.

With faster modem speeds and updates to the Netscape browser .gif images became a possibility.  

2002-2003 – Award Winner

“The Web site you are currently viewing is a proud winner of the Golden Web Award presented by The International Association of Web Masters and Designers. The Golden Web Awards is presented to those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.”

2003 – Windows XP – www.sashwindowspecialist.com

The internet was the new buzz-word and requests for quotes were coming in from across the UK, consequently our first regional branches were introduced.   Our first Australian branch followed in 2005.

2008 – Windows XP – www.sashwindowspecialist.com

Faster modem speeds allowed small .jpeg files to be incorporated.

2010 – Windows 7 – www.sashwindowspecialist.com

A drop down menu for navigation was introduced.

Current Format. 2018 – Windows 10 – www.sashwindowspecialist.com

Whole site converted to WordPress PHP format for mobile device compatibility Broadband speed allowed us to increase images sizes.


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