Service – Repairing Heritage Windows & Doors

Should You Repair or Replace Your Period Windows?

Unlike plastic or aluminium a wide range of repairs are possible with traditional wooden windows. Many that might initially appear to be beyond repair can be restored to good working order.

Rot is an all too common problem in neglected old sash windows.  Failure of the paintwork or putty allows water to penetrate into the timber creating ideal conditions for fungal or insect attack. The most common area of rot development is the sill; fortunately we are expert at replacing rotten sills.

We utilise a range of products during our repair projects, from the traditional methods of splicing in new timber sections to the advanced solutions of epoxy resins & glues.  All materials are selected to ensure a durable, permanent repair for many years to come.

Wooden Bay sash Window Rebuild Heritage window rebuild 

Rotten bay window Replacement Hardwood sill

Completed heritage timber window restoration. Finished repairs to timber bay sash window.

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resins, when used properly, provide an advanced solution to repair rot and decay in old windows. Used alone or combined with a timber splice they provide a long lasting permanent fix.

All of our resins are marine grade for extended durability.


Epoxy Resin Repairs to heritage window. Epoxy resin repair on old window. Epoxy will form a permanent bond with the timber.



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