Double Glazing Timber Windows

Double Glazed Timber Sash Windows

Thermal & acoustic insulation as well as increased security are some of the key benefits that double glazing offers. For many period home owners replacement uPVC or metal double glazed windows are an unacceptable option as they detract from the authentic charm of the property. At Sash Window Specialist we understand the need to incorporate modern advances into our period homes without significantly altering the appearance.

We supply & install authentic wooden replica sashes into existing timber frames, paint finished and double glazed with energy efficient (low E) glass.  In some cases it is even possible for us to convert existing single glazed sashes to accept double glazed units.  Double glazing combined with our Restoration and Draught Seal procedure provides an obvious overall improvement to the comfort of your home. 

All of our work is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, being machined into the timber components to become an “invisible” part of the window.  The appearance of the property is virtually unaltered, preserving the character and charm, yet offering you the increased comforts of modern alternatives. 

Double Glazed Replacement Timber Sash Frames.

Our Sash Replacement Service includes:

  • Survey of the existing frames.
  • Our standard Restoration & Draught Seal service.
  • Bespoke replica timber sashes.
  • Balancing the weighting mechanism, to ensure ease of operation.
  • Large selection of double glazed units.
  • A choice of paint or stained finishes.
  • A wide range of ironmongery in a choice of finishes.
Double Glazing Castellated Sash Windows.

Authentic Wooden Replicas

We carefully reproduce a copy of the original sashes, paying close attention to horn, moulding & sectional details. By increasing the rebate depth we accommodate a sealed double glazed unit.  If the original frames are missing then we can work from old photos or copy neighbouring property.

Glazing bars can be either bonded with duplex bars or individual Slimlite sealed units.

Double Glazing for Heritage Windows.

Large selection of Double Glazed Units (DGU) :

  • 5 – 16 mm spacer bars depending on the sash thickness.
  • Slimlite DGU or duplex bars.
  • Acoustic DGU configuration.
  • ‘Low E’ energy efficient glass.
  • Etched or patterned glass.
  • Safety Glass.
  • Argon filled for better energy efficiency

Choose from a wide range of timbers.  See our Guide to Timber Type

See More Examples Of Our Work : Double Glazing Gallery


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