Weather Seals & Draught Excluders For Windows & Doors

Weather Seals & Draught Excluders For Windows & Doors


Originally sash windows never had any weather seals. The design of the window offered basic draught control that was satisfactory for the times. Indeed some draught was desirable to ensure a good draw for solid fuel fires. With the advent of modern materials and the decline in use of solid fuels, weather stripping has become an essential part of any modern window.

WEATHER PILE with Fin (Brush seal) & uPVC carrier

At Sash Window Specialist we have been installing this system for over 20 years. It is an excellent system and simply the best choice when restoring of old windows. Our seals are of the highest quality and Made In England.

WeatherFin Brush Type draught seals.

Low friction allows the sash to glide

Weather pile is recommended for use in UK Grade I and II listed buildings


There are several plastic parting beads available and some incorporate a quality weatherpile. The big disadvantage with these beads is they can not be painted. Even when used in a white window the plastic ages differently than surrounding paint work, detracting from the overall aesthetics. At Sash Window Specialist we only use traditional timber parting beads.

plastic parting bead.Fin plastic parting bead.


Made by Schlegel one of the worlds leading brands. Q Lon is an excellent product when used in compression applications such as casement windows and doors. When properly fitted into new sliding sash windows the seals can last reasonably well. But if used for restoration work on older frames imperfections in the paint work often lead to tearing of the surface coating.

Q Lon Window Seals

Better ‘Air Tightness’ rating than Pile weatherseals

Increased friction results in a harder to operate window.


The old fashioned rubber gasket seal has been superseded by brush or foam seals that offer much lower friction and improved appearance.

Rubber Gasket Sash Seals.


A traditional weatherstripping for the diy market. It is a strip of bronze that is stapled or nailed down one side, so the other side springs out.

 SPRING BRONZE weather strip.


A spring seal used along the edge of the sash to prevent sideways rattle. Used primarily in new joinery rather than restoration work.

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