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Casement Window Repair Sydney | Repair Rotten Casement & Weather Seal

casement repairs in sydney

Repair casement window & install weather seals into a heritage window in Sydney, NSW.

This Sydney casement window repair was completed by Frazer at Sash Window Specialist Sydney, in the suburb of Balmain. 

Repair rotten casement windows.

Wood rot had developed in the casement window sill as well as the opening casement frames.  First, the rotten timber had to be removed ensuring that our epoxy resin could be bonded to the underlying solid wood.  Once the epoxy had cured it was shaped and sanded to a smooth finish.  The glazed casements were then eased and adjusted to ensure they opened and closed without catching or binding. 

Epoxy Resin Repairs – Repair Care Resin Products

Using epoxy resin to repair rotten timber has a proven track record from the shipwrights who use it to repair wooden boats.   Repair Care products are marine-grade epoxy resins specifically designed to repair rotten windows & doors.  Epoxy can be cut and shaped to match damaged mouldings or used to bond open sash joints.  A far superior professional repair when compared to polyester-based 2 part fillers or ‘builders bog’. 

Rot Repair Before & After

Draught proofing casement windows.

Once the wood rot had been repaired a groove was then machined around the edges of the casement sash to accept a brush weather seal.  As the window was reassembled a secondary weather seal was also fitted around the internal perimeter. 

Primarily weather seals provide draught proofing to improve the energy efficiency of heritage windows. By fitting a double draught seal system the sound proofing of these casement windows was also improved.  Double sealing the gaps around the frames stops airborne noise and dust from the street entering into the room.



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Frazer Palmer

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Frazer served his apprenticeship in the UK and is a qualified City & Guilds Carpenter & Joiner. He specialised in Sash Window restoration  & repair in the UK before migrating to Sydney Australia.  Since 2009 he has been offering our window restoration services in Sydney, undertaking renovation projects on residential, commercial & public buildings.

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Sydney Sash Window Specialist are approved distributors of DRY FIX®, DRY FLEX®, DRY SHIELD™ and DRY SEAL™, along with the full range of complimentary EASY•Q™ products, tools and accessories.