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Sash Window Restoration – Parliament House, Perth Australia

Parliament House Perth WA.

Specialist Window Contractor | Parliament House, Western Australia.

As a specialist window contractor we were awarded Phase 1 of the renovation work at parliament house in Perth, Western Australia.  This contract comprised replacing the old sashes and repairing the rotten box sash window frames on 8 windows.

We were subsequently specified by parliament house maintenance department as designated contractors for the next 3 phases of window renovation work.

Why choose a specialist window contractor?

With over 20 years experience repairing heritage timber windows we see first hand the methods that ensure a long lasting repair, and those that don’t.  Many carpenters and builders make fundamental mistakes, simply due to a lack of specialist knowledge.  At Sash Window Specialist we are heritage window conservation experts and our work will last a lifetime.

Repairing rotten sills.

Cheap filler is often hiding under cracked paintwork.

  • First we must strip the lead based paints in a safe way.
  • Then we can remove the old fillers and wood rot, stripping the sill back to structurally sound timber.
  • With a properly prepared surface we can then start to build up our resins layers.
  • Finally we carve and sand the resin to shape ready for paintwork to be applied.

Replacement Timber Sashes 

The original sashes had been replaced 20 or 30 years earlier by a general builder.  Unfortunately the replacement sashes fitted were too thin for the box sash window frames, causing excessive gaps around the window that resulted in rattles and excessive air leakage. Air leaking via the windows negatively impacts the air-conditioning and heating systems resulting in poor energy efficiency and increased energy bills. 

As well as the mismatched frame thickness the sash mortise and tenon joints were also failing allowing wood rot to develop.  Too much wood had been planed off from the bottom rails during installation which reduced the strength of the ‘haunch’ in the mortise.  


We proposed Fijian Mahogany (Swietenio Macrophyla) as the best timber option for this project.  The contract specification demanded a sustainable, renewable timber that needed to match the existing mahogany box sash window frames.  Our recommendation was adopted by the architect and client. 

Architectural details such as horn shapes and mouldings were exactly replicated to maintain the historic significance of this prominent heritage building.

Soundproofing Windows

low e glass for period casement and sash windowsLaminated 6.5mm Comfort Hush glass is an acoustic glass with a low-e coating.  This energy efficient coating reflects heat energy back to its source, keeping rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  Laminated acoustic glass has a special inter-layer, between the glass sheets, that acts as a sound dampener to cut noise transmission.

The glass was further strengthened with a window film designed to prevent injury in the event of an explosion outside.  

Weather Seals

Our draught proofing strips are machined into the window components becoming practically invisible on the finished windows.  Draught proofing heritage windows cuts air leakage from the frames to improve energy efficiency.  Sealing the gaps around windows also cuts noise and dust from outside entering the building.

This commercial restoration project was undertaken in association with Palassis Architects, Perth WA.

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