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Premier Mill Hotel, Katanning, Western Australia.

commercial window & door restoration | kattaning mill WA

Sash Window Specialist – Heritage Window Contractor

Premier Mill Hotel, Katanning Western Australia. 

As a specialist heritage window contractor we played our part in the process of renovating the 124-year-old Katanning flour mill from an old decaying structure to a modern welcoming hotel.

  • Two complete new sash windows.
  • Repair rotten window frames and sills.
  • Replacement sashes across the top floor.
  •  Repair, restore and draught seal middle floor sash windows.
  • Minor repairs to ground floor windows.

Sash Window Restoration

Before we start our work…

Repairing Box Sash Window Frames

Several window sills were replaced but most were repaired using advanced epoxy resins carefully carved to shape.

Sliding Sash Frames Either Repaired or Replaced

All of the sliding sashes on the top floor were replaced with hand-made replica colonial sash frames.  Even in exposed locations like this, Accoya wooden sash windows will last for generations to come.

By salvaging the best of the old sashes from the top and middle floors we managed to restore the whole of the middle floor windows with original window parts.

Replacement Sash Windows

Two of the frames were rotten beyond any sensible repair and needed to be replaced.  Exact replicas of the original windows were crafted using Accoya Wood.  Accoya is the most durable wood to use for heritage windows and guaranteed against rot for 50 years.  Sustainable and environmentally friendly.


We understand the charm of traditional wooden windows.  All of our work is designed to be as authentic as possible.


Premier Mill Hotel, Katanning, Western Australia. 1Our draught seals are machined into the timber components to become an integral, practically invisible part of the window. Draught Seal & Restore Service is ideal for conservation areas and listed buildings.

Completed Restoration Project.

This award-winning commercial restoration project was undertaken by Perth Sash Window Specialist, heritage window sub-contractor working with Masterbuilt Constructions Pty Ltd.

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The Gerry Gauntlett award

Space Agency Architects

What Is Accoya® Wood

  • Extreme durability
  • Lightweight
  • Non-toxic, enviromentally friendly
  • Sustainable forestry

Light weight and durable; Accoya is the perfect choice for double hung sash windows.

80 years of research resulted in Accoya, a high performance wood that exceed those of the best tropical hardwoods. Using nontoxic processes fast growing pine is structurally altered to produce a stable, very durable light weight timber.  The manufactures guarantee painted windows for 50 years against wood rot and even in its natural unpainted state for 30 years. If paintwork is maintained in good order Accoya windows will theoretically last ‘forever’.

Whilst Accoya is an expensive wood, we do not mark up our prices on this product like some sash window companies.  We charge you only the difference that it costs us to buy each plank of wood.  That way we can ensure that this excellent product remains an affordable option for every customer.

Read the Accoya website FAQ

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Sash Window Specialist – Perth WA

Simon Free served a full apprenticeship in the UK and is an Advanced City & Guilds qualified carpenter & Joiner, with over 30+ years experience.

After founding our Sash Window Specialist network in the UK Simon migrated to Perth, Australia. Since 2003 he has been offering our restoration services across Western Australia, undertaking restoration on residential, commercial & public buildings.

His honest & methodical approach along with a dedication “to do it right the first time” ensure you will always get a top-quality service at an affordable price. 

Contact Simon today for a friendly chat about your heritage window & door renovation and repair requirements.

04 33 99 77 59