Perth Sash Windows | Palmyra | Reinstate Timber Shop Front

Perth Sash Windows | Palmyra | Reinstate Timber Shop Front 2

Shop front restoration in Palmyra WA

Simon at Perth Sash Window Specialist restored this boarded up shop front in Palmyra, near Fremantle WA.

  • Restore window & door frames.   
  • Install mullions to divide the large panes.
  • Fit laminated &  textured glass.
  • Rebuild traditional double doors.
  • Draught seal and restore four double hung windows.
  • Replacement fanlight window sashes.

The original windows and doors had been left boarded up for over a decade and the glazing was either missing, broken or scratched with graffiti, the figured rolled glass in the transom lights had been painted over.

The old timber frames were out of square and the transoms (horizontal timber) had sagged, so we custom made central mullions (vertical timber) to divide the large shopfront panes.  These mullion pushed the transoms back into proper alignment and allowed the out of square windows to be glazed much easier.  The effect of these mullions when viewed from inside was a big improvement, simply breaking up the large expanse of glass reduced the ‘goldfish bowl’ effect and made the space much more homely. 

Cath-Lite textured glass was fitted into the transom lights to replace the old painted-over figured rolled glass.

Perth Sash Windows | Palmyra | Reinstate Timber Shop Front 3
Restored shop doors with new transom light. Jarrah window boards and new skirting boards fitted.

The original shop doors had metal brackets and clenched over nails holding them together. 

 After being stripped of paint, new lock rails and lower panels were added and all joints were set using modern adhesives. Bomber (swing door) hinges were removed and draught proof rebates installed.  Glazed with laminate glass and furnished with polished brass security bolts, letter-plate and a Carpenter rim lock.  

Above the doors a bespoke replacement transom sash was made from Oregon timber, hung on friction hinges, glazed with Cath-Lite glass and operated with a ‘long-arm’ pole that hooks into the brass fanlight catch.  

Two bespoke Jarrah casement sashes were also fitted to the rear wall windows, top hung and operated with window winders, glazed with laminate clear glass.

Perth Sash Windows | Palmyra | Reinstate Timber Shop Front 4

Brush weather seals are fitted to the traditional windows, stopping rattles as well as improving the rooms energy efficiency.  

Palmyra Yoga Shala

Other projects

Because this property was very close to home Simon undertook varied other projects such as: designing and landscaping the garden including building steps and decking with a sunken bath, making bespoke solid timber kitchen cabinets, partition walling as well as repairing timber floors, skirting boards, doors etc.

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SWS Perth was established in 2003 after Simon migrated from the UK, where he first founded Sash Window Specialist.  Simon has over 30 years experience renovating period windows & doors. From large commercial projects to small residential repairs, Simon has the specialized experience to rectify all window and door problems.

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Palmyra WA

This suburb is east of Fremantle located along the Perth Fremantle Road, now Canning Hwy.  It was first established as the Palmyra Estate  c.1903 to house workers who sought affordable land close to Fremantle.   The area was originally vegetated with Zamias, a native plant that resemble small palm trees, possibly leading to the choice of its name; The word Palmyra means “city of palms” and is the name of a former city in the Syrian Desert.  Many of the street names in Palmyra have a Roman or Middle Eastern connection.

By 1912, home buyers could purchase an affordable half acre block in the ‘Fremantle Subdivision of Palmyra’ and with the arrival of the Metropolitan Water Supply the suburb saw increased development.  Palmyra Primary school was established in 1913 and several local shops, such as Stammers (1917) were established. A tramway ran along Marmion Street but the proposed link connecting to Canning Hwy was never started.  

By the 1930s quarter acre blocks were being sold and developed with humble one and two bedroom dwellings.