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Spotters Guide To Old Window Glass Designs.

‘Spotters Guide’ to Patterned Glass: Old Window Glass Designs

'Spotters Guide' to Rolled Glass Patterns & Textures


Table of Contents

Cathedral Glass Designs

Chance Brothers Glass Designs

including Glasgow Plate Glass Designs

Glasgow Plate Glass Designs

Pilkington Brothers Glass Designs

1938 Pilkington Glass: Trade catalogue

Pilkington / Chance  mid 50s

1950s – 1960s Pilkington Samples

Circa 1970:  Textured Glass Samples

Some of these designs were sold by Pilkington, Glaverbel & Saint-Gobain.

MAX Daylight Glass Designs

Farmiloe Glass Designs

“window glass and lead merchants”

Thomas and William Farmiloe Patent Glass Design 1903: T and Farmiloe Patent 'Oceanic' Glass Design

Saint-Gobain Glass Designs

American Saint-Gobain Corporation – Pre 1964 

2013 – “Saint-Gobain Glass has launched SGG DECORGLASS, a range of clear patterned glass. Providing an alternative to what is currently available on the market, this exclusive range offers six new designs creatively named WATERDROP, ENTRELAZADO, PIXARENA, LISTRAL M, MARIS and THELA.”


2017 Saint-Gobain

2017- Saint-Gobain glass patterns 2017- Saint-Gobain glass patterns

St Gobain Verre Filigree 

Glaverbel Glass Designs

European Designs Registered as US Patents

Australian Glass: Old Obscured Glass Patterns


” Cut from the first sheet of figured rolled glass manufactured in Australia 28th April , 1931 ” 

FIGURED ROLLED GLASS. Patterns; KOSCIUSKO (similar to Arctic). SMALL KOSCIUSKO (similar to Small Arctic). WAVERLEY (similar to Flemish). SMALL WAVERLEY (similar to Small Flemish). COOGEE (similar to G). ARROWHEAD (similar to Morocco). PYRAMID (similar to Glistre). SMALL PYRAMID (similar to Small Glistre). SPOTS WOOD (similar to Stippolyte). GLACIER (similar to Dewdrop). EUSTON (similar to No. 2 Hammered Cathedral). SMALL EUSTON (similar to No. 1 Hammered Cathedral). DAPPLED CATHEDRAL. DOUBLE ROLLED CATHEDRAL. MODERNS FLUTED PINHEAD MOROCCO. DOUBLE ROLLED ROUGH CAST, ROUGH CAST, MILL ROLLED. WASHBOARD. WIRED GLASS.WIRED ROUGH CAST, WIRED MILL ROLLED. WIRED “KOSCIUSKO.”

USA Glass: Old American Privacy Glass Patterns

The USA section of this article moved to its own dedicated page…

Textured Window Glass: USA Rolled Glass Pattern Guide [1890-2020]

 USA Old Glass Patterns

Victorian and Edwardian Decorative Glass Samples

Period Window Restoration