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Leicester Sash Windows | Stoneygate | Casement Bay Window Renovation

Paint stripping bay window.

Upgrade with 6.4 laminate glass, repair wood rot & fit draught-proofing seals. Strip back to bare wood and repaint. Stoneygate, Leicester.

Tim at Midlands Sash Window Specialist repaired and restored these traditional timber casement bay windows in Stoneygate, Leicester.  Paintwork was by Irvine at Sash Window Specialist Yorkshire.  

The draught sealsglazing upgrades combine to improve the soundproofing and the energy efficiency of these period windows.  Improving energy efficiency saves money on fuel bills and enhances the comfort of your home.

Professionaly painted sash windows complete the project.

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SWS Midlands was established in 2001 and is serviced by Tim who has over 20 years experience renovating period windows & doors. From large commercial projects to small residential repairs Tim has the specialized experience you can rely on.

East & West Midlands including Leicestershire, West Midlands, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire, East Staffordshire

Sash Window Specialist Midlands

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Stoneygate, Leicester

Situated on the south-east side of the city some two miles from the centre, Stoneygate is Leicester’s best-surviving Victorian suburb.  A mainly residential suburb containing a large number of late Victorian and Edwardian houses in the fashionable Domestic Revival styles of that period. In 1875 the Leicester to Stoneygate tramway was opened up and by 1880 Stoneygate was virtually part of Leicester

Leisester’s wealthiest and most influential citizens built their high-quality homes here, designed by some of the city’s best-known late 19th and early 20th century architects – Goddard, Stockdale Harrison, Redfern & Sawday, James Tait and Isaac Barradale. Stoneygate. 

The earliest surviving houses in Stoneygate are along the London Road, built from 1840 onwards in neo-Classical styles.  These early buildings were followed around 1860 by a small number of Gothic style homes.

The area bounded by Stoneygate Road, London Road and Stoughton Road was sold in building lots in 1867, with Alexandra Road and Sandown Road being completed between 1877 and 1881.  Queen Anne or Domestic Revival buildings constructed in the last quarter of the century now form the main basis of the architectural distinctiveness of Stoneygate.

Conservation area

During the 1960s and 1970s many Victorian and Edwardian buildings were being demolished because they were unfashionable, too large or too expensive to maintain. Leicester Council recognised Stoneygate’s historical significance in 1978 by creating the Stoneygate Conservation Area and extending it in 1989.