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Window Renovation | Library, Parliament House. Perth, Australia.

Sash Window Commercial Restoration Projects

Sash Window Specialist – Heritage Window Contractor

Parliament House, Western Australia. 

As a specialist heritage window contractor we had already completed phase 1 and 2 of sash window renovation work at parliament house in Perth, Western Australia.  In phase 3 we undertake refurbishment of the central library sash windows.

Harvest Terrace elevation windows are having replica replacement sash frames installed.  Glazed with energy efficient (low-e) acoustic laminate glass.  Sustainable Fijian Mahogany timber is used to craft the replacement sashes.

The inner courtyard windows are being draught sealed and restored.  These sash windows include a mix of the 3 main balances systems – acme tape balances, spring balances and the traditional cord and pulley.

Rotten window frames and sills and are repaired.

Double Hung Windows

Upgrade Heritage Window Glass for Acoustic and Thermal Insulation. Perth Australia.In a double-hung sash window, the top and bottom sashes both slide vertically, hence the name double-hung.  As the sashes slide independent of each other this design allows for good air circulation within a room.

ACME Tape Balance

  • Replace ACME / Pullman tape balance
  • Repair wood rot.
  • Draught Seal and Overhaul sliding sash window.

Spiral Spring Balance

  • Replace spiral spring balances.  Best quality spirals imported from UK.
  • Repair wood rot.
  • Draught Seal and Overhaul sliding sash window.

Traditional Balance- pulley, weights and sash cords.

  • Replace sash cords and balance weights.
  • Repair wood rot.
  • Draught Seal and Overhaul hardwood box sash window.

Replacement Low-E, Sound Proofed Sash Frames

Comfort Hush laminated glass is Low-E energy efficient and sound dampening.  Bespoke sashes are exact replicas of the originals and constructed from Mahogany.

Repair Existing Box Window Frames

First, all paint and decayed wood is scraped away, back to solid timber.  A runny liquid epoxy is used as the first primer coat.  This coating sinks into all the cracks and grooves ensuring that the following thicker coats gain maximum adhesion.  Once the required layers are built up and cured they are carved and sanded to a finish.

This commercial restoration project was undertaken by Perth Sash Window Specialist as a heritage window contractor direct to Parliament House Perth WA.

Heritage window contractor

Sash Window Specialist – Perth WA

Simon Free

Simon served his full apprenticeship in the UK and is an Advanced City & Guilds qualified Carpenter & Joiner, with over 30 years experience.

After founding our Sash Window Specialist network in the UK Simon migrated to Perth, Australia. Since 2003 he has been offering our restoration services in Perth undertaking restoration on  residential, commercial & public buildings.

His honest & methodical approach along with a dedication “to do it right first time” ensure you will always get a top quality service at an affordable price. 

Contact Simon today for a friendly chat about your heritage window & door renovation and repair requirements.

Mob: 04 33 99 77 59