Half-Moon Window Restoration | Parliament House. Perth, Australia.

Half-Moon Window Restoration | Parliament House. Perth, Australia. 2

Sash Window Specialist – Heritage Window Contractor

Parliament House, Western Australia. 

As a specialist heritage window sub-contractor we were awarded Phase 1 of the sash window renovation work at parliament house in Perth, Western Australia.  For subsequent heritage window restoration work, on this heritage listed building, we were specified by parliament house as the designated window contractors.

These half moon windows were in urgent need of restoration after years of poor quality repair work.  Metal flashing’s had been fitted to conceal the wood rot rather than repair it.  Fitting these covers actually traps moisture in the timber speeding up decay.

Our Repair Service

We utilise a range of products during our window repair and restoration projects.  Time proven traditional repair methods of cutting out rotten wood and splicing in new timber are greatly improved after being bonded with modern products, such as epoxy resins and glues.  Our repair work is of the highest possible standard to ensure that we create a permanent, long lasting repair.

Clerestory Windows

Clerestory windows in Parliament House Perth.A clerestory window is designed to allow light into the building without compromising privacy.  These clerestory windows are semi-circular or ‘half moon windows’ and located on high walls that extend up from the roof line allowing natural light into the corridor.

Half Moon Window Restoration

The last contractors to work on these semi-circular windows simply nailed a metal flashing over the decayed wood to hide it.  Once this flashing was removed the extent of the window restoration work required became evident.

Resin Repair Window Frames

First all paint and decayed wood is scraped away, back to solid timber.  A runny liquid epoxy is used as the first primer coat.  This coating sinks into all the cracks and grooves ensuring that the following thicker coats gain maximum adhesion.  Once the required layers are built up and cured they are carved and sanded to a finish.

Replace Bottom Rail & Repair Curved Sashes

Whilst some of the frames could be fixed with a resin repair others required a replacement bottom sash rail.  Jarrah hardwood timber from Western Australia was used and jointed with mortise and tenon joints.

Replace Glazing

The original stained glass panels were long gone.  The textured float glass we removed had been fitted in two parts, joined down the middle.  This joint had created a weak point that contributed to the rotten bottom rails.  To avoid this problem reoccurring we fitted a single pane per sash.

Glazing Templates

Once the sashes had been repaired individual glass templates were made.  With half moon or other shaped sashes a one size fits all approach does not work.  Each template is made to fit the frame exactly and numbered.

Glazed and beaded the window could now be reassembled with the sashes being fitted from the inside.  All external gaps are sealed and a paint finish applied.

Window Restoration Completed

This commercial restoration project was undertaken by Perth Sash Window Specialist as a heritage window contractor direct to Parliament House Perth WA.

Heritage window contractor

Sash Window Specialist – Perth WA

Simon Free

Simon served his full apprenticeship in the UK and is an Advanced City & Guilds qualified Carpenter & Joiner, with over 30 years experience.

After founding our Sash Window Specialist network in the UK Simon migrated to Perth, Australia. Since 2003 he has been offering our restoration services in Perth undertaking restoration on  residential, commercial & public buildings.

His honest & methodical approach along with a dedication “to do it right first time” ensure you will always get a top quality service at an affordable price. 

Contact Simon today for a friendly chat about your heritage window & door renovation and repair requirements.


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