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Double glazing Georgian sash windows with replacement sashes retrofitted into the existing box sash frames. Winchester, Hampshire. 

Berkshire Sash Window Specialist installed double glazed sashes into these Georgian windows in Winchester, Hampshire.  The custom made double glazed sashes, with Georgian glazing bars, were produced at our sash window workshop in Reading, Berks. 

This period Georgian building has been diveded into two large homes.  Our Berkshire branch installed double glazed sashes into the front home several years earlier.  This blog post relates to the second home, that occupies the rear of the building.  All of the sash windows and doors, in the whole building have now been renovated, by us.

Retrofit Sash Frames

The new sashes are authentic replicas of the original frames, retrofitted into the existing box window frames.  Installing new sash frames into the existing box window frames makes the windows look like new at a fraction of the cost.  

Crafted using Accoya wood with its 50 year guarantee and incorporating Low-E double glazed units, ensures these modern sash windows are energy efficient and built to last for generations. Double glazed units are filled with Argon gas and include a pane of Pilkington K, a ‘low-e’ glass.  Low-e glass greatly improves the thermal insulation of glazing by reflecting heat back into the home. 

British made integral draught seals ensure the windows do not rattle and slide smoothly. 

The draught seals & double glazing built into the windows and doors help to improve the comfort & energy efficiency of this period home.  Improved energy efficiency saves money on fuel bills and improves the value of your home. 

We not only offer double glazing for Georgian sash windows and doors.  Sash Window Specialist can replicate any style of heritage window or door including Victorian, Edwardian and Gothic glazing patterns.  

 Servicing sash windows in Hampshire inc Winchester, Farnbourgh, Southampton, Andover and across the south of England.

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Winchester, Hampshire. 

Winchester has a long history going back to Roman times when it was the regional capital.  Abandoned following the Roman departure, before being resurrected by Alfred the Great.

During the 18th century much of Winchester was rebuilt. New Georgian houses were built and some old buildings were given a fresh Georgian facade.

Prosperity returned to Winchester during the Victorian era with the arrival of the railway, that reached Winchester in 1840.  As the population of Winchester rapidly grew new Victorian housing stock and public buildings were built. A Corn Exchange, Market Hall, Guild Hall, museum and prison all appeared in the Victorian era.

The development and expansion of Winchester continued during the Edwardian era.  During the 1920’s the first council house estate was built.

How Does Low-Emissivity Glass Work?

low e glass for period casement and sash windows

Low-e glass has a special coating that reflects heat back into the room.  In winter heat is reflected back indoors, in the summer heat from the
sun is reflected away keeping the room cooler. 

Because a Low-E coating reflects some wavelengths of the light spectrum it will slightly alter the colour tone of the light passing through the glass.  There are various Low-E coatings offered by different glass manufacturers that each have their own colour signature and performance characteristics.  Ask your local branch representative about the options on offer in your area.  


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