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Sash Window Drawings And Profiles

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Traditional Sash Mouldings

Staff Beads – The internal beading that hold the bottom sash in place.  The traditional profile is shown below but sometimes square timber bead has been used.

Wide staff bead. Typically 28mm x 15mm.  Standard staff bead. Typically 20mm x 15mm.  Scottish pattern staff rod. Typically 33mm x 15mm.Wide 'restoration' staff bead. Typically 28mm x 20mm. The extra thickness is to cover wear and tear on old sash frames.

Parting Beads – The beading that separate or ‘part’ the top and bottom sashes.

Scottish Timber Parting Bead 14 x 22mm Timber Parting Bead 7 or 8mm x 25mm

Glazing Bar for Divided Lights – The fine timber moulding used to divide a sash light with multiple panes of glass.

Lambs Tongue glazing bar.  Lambs Tongue Variation glazing bar.Ovolo pattern glazing bar.

Sash Horns / Joggles – A shape cut into the extended style of the sash frame.  Introduced during the Victorian era when sheets glass was being produced in much larger sizes.  Without the support of glazing bars the top sash meeting rail required more strength to stop the mortice joint from breaking out.  The style of sash horns can vary between regions but will generally conform to one of the following profiles.

Splayed sash horn. Simple rounded sash horn. Sash Horn profile. Sash Horn profile. Victorian Sash Horn. Common victorian sash horn.

Traditional Sash Window Working Drawings

Box Frame Sash Window Drawing - 1908 - plan enlarged
Box Frame Sash Window Drawing - 1908 - head section enlarged
Box Frame Sash Window Drawing - 1908 - meeting rail section enlarged
Sash Window Drawings And Profiles 1
box sash window drawing

How To Construct A Sash Window Frame

Georgian Sash

Georgian sash window construction

Victorian Sash

sash meeting rail and horn
Sash Cord Attachment Variations
sash window drawing - cord grooves
Sash Window Drawings And Profiles 2

Sash Window Draught-Seals

Early Draught Sealing Solutions


sash window cross section

Sash Window Draught-Seals,  Sill / cill section Sash Window Draught-Seals,  Head section Sash Window Draught-Seals,  Jamb sectionSash Window Draught-Seals  

Traditional Casement Windows Working Drawings

casement Windows drawing
Sash Windows drawing

Traditional Wooden Door Working Drawings

Front Door with Side and Fan lightDrawing - 1908
Door Drawing - 1908
Sash Window Drawings And Profiles 3

Period Window Restoration