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Replica double glazed sash windows Cotswolds

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2002 – Double glazing timber sash windows in  Cheltenham Gloucestershire.

The street view of this terrace home has horizontal glazing bars; vertical glazing bars to the rear elevation.  We supplied authentic replica double glazed timber sashes, copied from the originals.

  • Removal of secondary glazing
  • Restoration of the box frame
  • Replacement double-glazed sashes
  • Paint finish
  • Draughtseals
  • Rola locks & window furniture
Replica double glazed sash windows Cotswolds | cheltenham_sash_window_upgrade
17 years later...Google street view

Architecture and Timber Windows in Cheltenham, Gloustershire

Cheltenham is a regency town and borough on the edge of the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire, England.  A visit by King George III secured Cheltenham’s reputation as a fashionable place to be seen, and contributed to its rapid growth during the Regency Period.  Today the abundance of remaining  Regency buildings has earned Cheltenham the reputation as being Britain’s most complete Regency Town. 

The Berkshire, London & South Branch of Sash Window Specialist undertake window renovation works like this one across Gloucestershire and Chilterns areas, but we cannot service minor repairs due to distance.


Period Window Restoration