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A light weight timber is desirable for vertical sliding sash frames because they have to be counterbalanced.  Accoya is recommended.  Window sills (cills) should be durable and not liable to twisting or splitting. Hardwood is recommended. 

Whilst wood price is a consideration, remember that the biggest cost comes in the manufacture & installation.  At Sash Window Specialist we do not mark up premium timber and so you will only pay the difference of what the plank costs us.  The differences in pricing on a finished bespoke joinery item is very reasonable, allowing you to select the right product for your project, ensuring a long lifetime of use.

The environmental benefits of timber

Wood is naturally beautiful and versatile and is one of the best ways to address climate change.  It is renewable and abundant and as we transition to a low carbon economy, the advantages of wood are increasingly making it the material of choice for the environmentally conscious.

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