Period Window Maintenance

Maintaining your wooden windows

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Please be aware that it is usual for your newly weather sealed windows to become slightly easier to operate over time, as the brush seals compress a little with usage. Likewise new catches will become easier to operate.
Your windows are now ready to offer many more years of protection from the elements, but there are a few important rules to consider in order to preserve them for future generations:



The biggest enemy of wooden windows is the weather. Sunlight can cause splitting of the paint surface allowing water to penetrate into the wood, providing prime conditions for rot develop-ment. Paints protect wood from these natural forces and so must be maintained in good condition. Inspect paintwork annually for defects, ensuring that any problems are properly rectified. Particu-lar attention should be paid to the putties or beading that holds glazing in place. Any cracked or loose putty should be renewed and over painted once a hard skin has formed.
Our replacement joinery is finished with an exterior grade acrylic based paint and we recommend the same to be used for recoating. Compared to oil-based paint it does not suffer from yellowing or become as brittle. Acrylic paint is odourless and quick drying, making it particularly suitable for sash windows. As part of an annual inspection and prior to repainting, acrylic painted surfaces should be washed with warm soapy water to remove any chemical contaminates from the surface. Whilst acrylic paint finishes are reported to have an eight to ten year repainting cycle, we recom-mend a cycle of every six years or sooner if necessary. Surfaces painted with oil-based products should be repainted every 3 years or sooner, as necessary.



Avoid painting the sash cords as this will not only discolour them but also make them more brittle and weaker. Cords can be pulled forward to facilitate painting behind them.
Ensure that the pulleys remain free moving and lubricate the axels with a spray lubricant such as WD40.



Wood being a natural material is subject to movement, mainly due to weather changes. This movement will be greatest during the first year of exposure to the elements. For this reason, your first annual inspection will be the most important one. Any cracks, splits etc. must be filled with exterior grade filler before being suitably over painted.



Defective guttering & garden sprinklers wetting wooden windows is a major cause of rot. Ensure your reticulation is properly aligned & that gutters are in good order and free flowing – make this part of your annual inspection or even more frequently in areas with overhanging trees.



The weather seals that we have built into your windows are manufacturer guaranteed for 10 years – provided that paints and stains are kept off the sealing area. DO NOT PAINT WEATHERSEALS. This problem is easily avoided by use of a painting guard or masking tape; it’s a simple process that adds very little time to the overall project. Heat Guns should be avoided as they can melt the seals.
Weatherseals reduce air movement within your home. Should you experience condensation prob-lems, increased ventilation is required. Simply opening the window for a time will usually provide enough ventilation to clear the worst of the moisture. If condensation is excessive other forms of ventilation should be utilised.
In some areas with excessive airborne pollution the seals may become discoloured. This is caused by particles of dust being captured within the bristles of the weatherseal. They can be wiped clean with a warm, damp cloth.



One of the most common problems associated with the weighting mechanism is due to curtain tie-backs. When fixing anything to the box frame ensure screws protrude no longer than ¾ of an inch, anything longer may cause an obstruction to the weights.



Should you need to lubricate your windows silicone spray is recommended. Do not use any sticky lubricants such as wax or oil.
Once again thank you for choosing Sash Window Specialist. Should you experience any difficul-ties or if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



New joinery items & double glazed units are guaranteed against faulty workmanship for five years. Renovation and repair work is guaranteed for one year. Guarantees are valid only when payment has been received in full and suitable persons inspect & repair paintwork annually. This guarantee does not extend to damage, fair wear and tear or faults due to accident, misuse or neglect. Any claims on the guarantee does not extend to problems as a result of storm damage, structural movement or similar factors. This guarantee is non-transferable.