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Thank you for choosing Sash Window Specialist.  We hope that you are pleased with the restoration work and you will happily recommend our services to others.  Below is some important information regarding maintaining your restored windows.

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Maintaining your wooden windows

Your windows are now ready to offer many more years of protection from the elements, but there are a few important rules to consider in order to preserve them for future generations.

Please be aware that it is usual for your newly weather-sealed windows to become slightly easier to operate over time, as the brush seals will compress a little with usage. Likewise, new catches will become easier to operate.


The biggest enemy of wooden windows is the weather. Sunlight can cause splitting of the paint surface allowing water to penetrate into the wood, providing prime conditions for rot development. Paints protect wood from these natural forces and so must be maintained in good condition. Inspect paintwork annually for defects, ensuring that any problems are properly rectified. Particular attention should be paid to the putties or beading that holds the glazing in place. Any cracked or loose putty should be renewed and overpainted once a hard skin has formed.

As standard, our replacement joinery is finished with an exterior grade acrylic based paint and we recommend the same to be used for recoating. Compared to oil-based paint it does not suffer from yellowing or become as brittle. Acrylic paint is odourless and quick-drying, making it particularly suitable for sash windows. As part of an annual inspection and prior to repainting, acrylic painted surfaces should be washed with warm soapy water to remove any chemical contaminants from the surface. Whilst acrylic paint finishes are reported to have an eight to ten-year repainting cycle, we recommend a cycle of every six years or sooner if necessary. Surfaces painted with oil-based products should be repainted every 3 years or sooner, as necessary.



Avoid painting the sash cords as this will not only discolour them but also make them more brittle and weaker. Cords can be pulled forward to facilitate painting behind them.
Ensure that the pulleys remain free moving and lubricate the axels with a spray lubricant such as WD40.



Wood being a natural material is subject to movement, mainly due to weather changes. This movement will be greatest during the first year of exposure to the elements. For this reason, your first annual inspection will be the most important one. Any cracks, splits etc. must be filled with exterior grade filler before being suitably overpainted.



Defective guttering & garden sprinklers wetting wooden windows is a major cause of rot. Ensure your sprinklers are properly aligned & that gutters are in good order and free-flowing – make this part of your annual inspection or even more frequently in areas with overhanging trees.



The weather seals that we have built into your windows are manufacturer guaranteed for 10 years – provided that paints and stains are kept off the sealing area. DO NOT PAINT WEATHERSEALS. This problem is easily avoided by the use of a painting guard or masking tape; it’s a simple process that adds very little time to the overall project. Heat Guns should be avoided as they can melt the seals.
Weather seals reduce air movement within your home. Should you experience condensation problems, increased ventilation is required. Simply opening the window for a time will usually provide enough ventilation to clear the worst of the moisture. If condensation is excessive then other forms of ventilation should be utilised.
In some areas with excessive airborne pollution the seals may become discoloured. This is caused by particles of dust being captured within the bristles of the weather seal. They can be wiped clean with a warm, damp cloth.



One of the most common problems associated with the weighting mechanism is due to curtain tie-backs. When fixing anything to the box frame ensure screws protrude no longer than ¾ of an inch, anything longer may cause an obstruction to the weights.



Should you need to lubricate your windows silicone spray is recommended. Do not use any sticky lubricants such as wax or oil.

Once again thank you for choosing Sash Window Specialist. Should you experience any difficulties or if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



New joinery items & double glazed units are guaranteed against faulty workmanship for five years. Renovation and repair work is guaranteed for one year. Guarantees are valid only when payment has been received in full and suitable persons inspect & repair paintwork annually. This guarantee does not extend to damage, fair wear and tear or faults due to accident, misuse or neglect. Any claims on the guarantee do not extend to problems as a result of storm damage, structural movement or similar factors. This guarantee is non-transferable.

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Sash Window Specialist
Average rating:  
 18 reviews
 by Sally Quilter
customer review

Craig Trevor and Daniel came to my home and in two days they completed three windows and some French windows with new soundproof glass, new sashes and replacement counterweights. They were very happy tradesmen, quietly singing while they did the joinery. The work has been excellent, and now we cannot hear the outside noise. Thank you for coming. Sally Quilter

 by Jaci
Sash window repairs

I had two sash windows refurbished and the rotted external window sill of one repaired/replaced by the Sash Window Specialist team. Craig, Daniel and Trevor were fantastic to deal with, and communication with Frazer was great. The team are super friendly, efficient and very clean and tidy. To my untrained eye, the work has been finished to an excellent standard and my only complaint is that I never organised the work earlier! I highly recommend this business, and would not hesitate to use them again if the need arose.

 by Lee Holmes
casement winow repairs

Craig and his team, Daniel & Trevor , did a thoroughly professional job on the casement windows on my 1920's bungalow. I recommend sash window specialists to anyone wanting to repair and protect their windows for generations to come.

 by Rick
Supeb job on old Queenslander

Having for a long time tried to find a person that gave us confidence in their expertise, fortunately we found Craig. It's imposible to tell where he took the window weights out or dismantled the side of a frame, because his dexterity with tools seems in my experience as a renovation manager to be unmatched. Astonishingly brilliant, and worth waiting for.

 by Oliver
Fantastic work

Frazer, Dan and Trevor have all been fantastic. Highly skilled workers that get the job done the right way.

Really pleased to restore our sash windows rather than swap out - the results are as good as new.

Highly recommended

 by Mike Parker
Complete Window Renovation - Manly

I cannot praise Sash Windows Specialist enough. As the owner of one of two-apartments in a duplex building, with all windows in incredibly poor shape, I was getting increasingly worried that we would never find someone who could actually restore the windows or worse still, have to face the prospect of having to have all windows replaced which, based on quotes received, would have cost a substantial amount of money. Imagine my relief when on making contact with Frazer and Craig, they quickly assured me full replacement was not necessary and the windows, while needing a fair amount of work, could readily be restored to full use again. Along came COVID but even with long delays in getting the job started, both Frazer and Craig showed incredible patience but more to the point, kept their promise that we would be the first off the rank and work could begin immediately after the 2021 Christmas break . True to their word this is what happened. Frazer and Craig are both consummate professionals as are the two strong team that worked on our building for some three weeks - Trevor and Daniel. Not only did they all do an amazing job, they are all incredibly personable and when the job was completed with every single window working like it was installed 80-odd years ago, we felt we were saying goodbye to some very special friends. That factor alone typifies what Sash Windows Specialist is all about. Super professional but with a very true human touch and understanding of clients’ concerns. It goes without saying we are more than satisfied with the result. Great value for money with everything delivered as promised. I can't recommend this company more highly - by their very application they more than delivered the goods.

 by Eleanor
Draught proofing and acoustic glass

Craig, Daniel and Trevor did an amazing job renewing our heritage sash windows. They put acoustic glass in our large bedroom windows, which has made a huge difference, as well as draught proofing them and a couple of others. Our place is much quieter and better insulated n0w. Highly recommend!

 by Jonathan Laverty
Accoustic window treatment.

Graig and his team did a great job replacing the old glass in our sash windows with new acoustic glazing and also sealing around each window with brushes. They were a pleasure to deal with and we have no hesitation in recommending Sash Window Specialist. Regards Jonathan

 by Melina
Two thumbs up

I engaged Sash Window Specialist for the overhaul and repair of five double hung sash windows and I'm very pleased with the result. Many companies claim that they will do any job, no matter how big or small, but that was not my experience after having contacted a number of companies in Sydney. Sash Window Specialist was the only company that happily took on the job. I was impressed by Frazer's prompt and clear communication, Craig's excellent project management, and Spencer and Daniel's workmanship. They were all great to deal with. I have no hesitation in recommending Sash Window Specialist.

 by Palmyra Yoga Shala
New facade

Sash Window Specialist completed works to our newly acquired old corner-shop home/business. The business side required new large windows in the old boarded up room to bring it back to an open and interactive business. This room also required work on the skirting boards as well as installation of two smaller walls internally to create rooms. These were framed beautifully with Jarrah wood to compliment the flooring. Simon worked tirelessly to meet the deadline of our business launch, which we are so grateful for! He consistently worked to a lean budget and usually came up with the most economical and efficient way to go about the works, without affecting quality, and always considering longevity. Being our first time living in an older building, Simon's extensive experience with Sash Windows was a gift. He shared his knowledge of the many benefits of the sash window's intelligent design and reasons why to restore them well. All the sash windows on the home side of the building were carefully restored and repaired to perfect working order. Really great to use well throughout summer, allowing the hot air out the top window when the afternoon sea-breeze comes in (through the bottom window) Thanks Simon! Our favourite restoration aspect is the careful work on the front doors to our business. It is a joy that we were able to keep some of this history, and continue to enjoy them in their renewed state, as we greet and farewell each customer and student .

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