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Traditional timber sash windows can almost always be repaired and restored.

Glazing upgrades in a double hung sash window | sash Window Specialist Midlands UK

Sash Window Specialist are expert at renovating, repairing & restoring traditional sash windows, casement windows and period doors.  Our sash window double glazing & draught-proofing upgrades will improve the comfort and security of your home, without detracting from the original heritage appearance.  We also remove ugly window conversions to restore the value of period property with our reinstate sash service. 

Formed in 1996, we are an association of expert tradesmen committed to providing the highest quality workmanship at affordable prices At Sash Window Specialist our focus has always been heritage window conservation.  We will always aim to repair your existing wooden period windows rather than up-selling you expensive replacement windows and doors.

We are all experienced, qualified craftsmen with extensive knowledge of traditional timber windows & doors.  Between us we have restored & upgraded thousands of wooden windows & doors. 

For a closer look at the quality of our restoration work see Our Blog which includes case studies of previous window refurbishment projects.  Our blog also includes Our Articles that take a detailed look into many aspects of old windows.

Whatever the problem with your existing frames, Sash Window Specialist offers an expert solution



Our Sash Window Refurbishment Services

Wooden Window Repair Experts

Sash Window Specialist provides a comprehensive sash window repair service. Unlike with aluminium or uPVC windows a wide range of repairs are possible with traditional wooden windows. Indeed many that might initially appear to be beyond repair can be restored to good working order. We are experts at rebuilding rotten bay windows, repairing rot, replacing snapped sash cords as well as replacing and upgrading the old glass.

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Draught Sealing Traditional Sash Windows

Our Sash Window Recondition & Draught Seal service will restore your windows to full functionality in addition to improving their energy efficiency with hidden draught excluders. This is our core service and provides a complete sash window overhaul that our more advanced refurbishments further build upon. Once the windows are dismantled our sash seals are built into the window components, becoming practically invisible when the window is reassembled. Draught seals in a sliding sash window don’t only stop draughts but also eliminate annoying rattles as well as reducing noise and dust ingress. 

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Sash Window Double Glazing

Double glazed replica sashes fitted into your existing window frames.  We can match any glazing pattern including Georgian, Victorian & Edwardian architectural styles, ensuring the original heritage charm of your home remains unaltered. Accoya® wood comes with an outstanding 50-year warranty, ensuring our replacement sashes are built to last a lifetime. For over 20 years we have been installing double glazed replacement timber sashes into existing window frames, with many repeat customers.

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Upgrade Window Glass

At Sash Window Specialist we understand the need to retrofit modern glass into our period windows. Single glazing upgrades with Low-E laminated glass will improve your homes energy efficiency whilst laminated acoustic glass will improve soundproofing. Laminated glazing can be retrofitted into most, structurally sound, existing heritage windows. In some instances it is possible to retrofit double glazing into existing wooden frames.

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Reinstate Sliding Sash Frames.

Many heritage sash windows have had the original sashes removed and an alternative system such as louvre, aluminium or uPVC windows fitted. We can remove these ugly window conversions and refurbish the original box sash frames before reinstating timber sliding sashes. Our custom made replacement sashes are copied from photos or neighbouring property to restore the original heritage appearance and value of your period home.

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Bespoke Window & Door Replacement.

When a wooden window or door has passed beyond economic repair or if a replica is required for a building extension then we supply & install bespoke joinery, authentically matching the originals. Available single or double glazed from a range of top quality hardwood and softwood timbers including Accoya® wood. Our replacement period windows conform to any conservation standards and are built to last a lifetime.

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Repair Wooden Casement Windows

Draughty, binding or inoperable period casement windows are a familiar problem for owners of period properties.   Sash Window Specialist offer a range of casement window refurbishment services including draught sealing, rot repair, glazing upgrades, double glazing & bespoke replacement casement windows.

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Refurbish Period Doors & French Windows

Front doors, patio doors and french windows can be refurbished and improved with our overhaul and draught proofing service.  We can retrofit low-e or acoustic laminated glass into your existing doors and side panels thereby improving your homes energy efficiency and comfort.

Replacement double glazed patio, french doors and side panels can be made to measure at our sash window workshop.

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Established for over 20 years

 Sash Window Specialist is a heritage window conservation company whose aim is to repair your existing period windows rather than up-selling you replacement windows.  As a result we have rebuilt and restored many original timber windows, that another sash window company had previously condemned.  Remember that to repair period window frames is usually far less expensive than replacing windows. Because we aim to retain the original frame, our rotten window repair services are also the best way to preserve the original character and architectural significance of period homes and all heritage properties.

We are not a formal franchise, every branch is simply an individual window restoration company that has been vetted for quality and honesty before adopting our brand-name and appearing on this website.

How much does sash window refurbishment cost?

Traditional timber windows and doors can almost always be repaired and restored.  Use our sash window price list to estimate how much sash windows cost; we believe we offer the best value for money on the market.

We pride ourselves on providing friendly & professional services at an affordable price from our branches across England & Australia

Expert Sash Window Company

Our high standards of craftsmanship are evident in the case studies detailed in Our Blog where you can see examples of our previous restoration & upgrade work as well as our informative articles. All of the images used on this site were taken by our tradesmen, ensuring you see an accurate representation of our high-quality craftsmanship. Sash Window Specialist do not hide behind stock images, staged photo-shoots or employ professional photographers.

Sash Windows UK & AU Branch Map

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Is there a Sash Window Specialist near me?

We usually operate within a one-hour drive from our base.  Whilst we often undertake work beyond that radius, reasonable surcharges or overnight expenses are applicable.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A friend wisely advised us to have one room done first. We were so pleased with the result that we had all the other twelve windows replaced. We live in a conservation area and it was important that the new windows looked exactly the same as the originals. The work was completed so efficiently and so neatly that we cannot recommend Sash Window Specialist highly enough. We survived the cold spells of this winter with our thermostat set several degrees lower than in the past. On stormy days, we no longer have any rattling windows.