Sash Window Specialist - Price Guide

Please remember that the requirements of old windows does vary. The 'expect to pay prices' provided here are for guidance only, but are representative of the windows that we encounter every day.
Our prices are very competitive, at times even as much as 40% cheaper than our competitors.  We manage to achieve this, without cutting any corners on the quality of our work in several ways -  We remain small & operate from home; We only advertise on the internet;  We do not produce glossy literature; We have no salesperson fees.  These savings are passed directly onto you.

All prices are per window which comprises of 1 top sash & 1 bottom sash (as our logo).

Box Sash Window ~Recondition & Draught Seal  

Expect to pay £200 - £250 per sash window

Designed to leave your windows fully functioning as they were intended, but without the age old problems of cold draughts and rattles

Overhaul of both box and sashes including; 
Discreet draught strips, machined into the window components 
Replacement "everlasting" sash cords 
Adjustment and service of the weighting mechanism 
Repair of any loose sash joints 
Refitting of the sashes


Casement Window ~Recondition & Draught Seal  

Expect to pay  £65 - £85 per opening light.

Discreet draught strips, machined into the window components 
Repair of any loose joints 
Refitting of the casement
Service the hinges


Box Sash Window~Repairs  

Unlike plastic and aluminium, a wide range of repairs are possible.  Many that might initially appear to be beyond salvage have been restored to good working order. 


Replacement standard cills  Expect to pay £120 - £180

Replacement cills & extensive box frame repairs  Expect to pay from £180

Replacement glazing:  From £30

Smaller Repairs:  From £25

Box Sash Window~ Authentic Replicas  

1 Pair of double glazed sashes supplied & fitted. From £800

Complete replacement box sash windows supplied & fitted. From £1400

Where a sash or window has deteriorated beyond even our extensive repair service, replacements are manufactured that authentically match the originals. Made from selected softwood or hardwood and crafted using traditional construction ensures joinery of the highest quality. Fully finished with three coats of white paint, double or single glazed and supplied with all window furniture, security fittings and draught seals.

Also see :FENSA, Document L & Building Regulations

Box Sash Window~Reactivate   

From £900 per sash window

Many upvc, aluminium or similar window conversions retain the original box frame, we can reinstate this to a fully functioning traditional sash window. Should the original box have been removed a complete window replacement will be required. 

Also see :FENSA, Document L & Building Regulations

An inspection and quotation are free of charge and without obligation